An Observation, Among Other Things

What I’ve learned this week: Most people with great potential who you have high hopes for are overall disappointing. Potential does not equal greatness. Action does.


My friend Max has been sleeping with a girl who has a boyfriend, despite having been cheated on in the past and knowing what an awful thing he is allowing to happen. He stopped things, stating they should be just friends, a month or so ago, and when she visited they slept together regardless, as he says “in part because of alcohol, and in part because we knew we wouldn’t stick to it anyway” – his confidence astounds me. So, this weekend she visited and did whatever again, followed by her announcing she was going to stay with her boyfriend (she had earlier suggested she would be leaving him). So Max ended things – again. Is it awful that I lack confidence in him?

Additionally, he announced excitedly sometime last week that he hadn’t smoked in x amount of days. I was quite proud of him. But that was short lived, as I saw him smoking today. With a group, of course, because Max has some unrecognized peer pressure issues.


Matthew, someone I’ve been super close to since my freshman year of high school, has been ignoring me. And everyone, really. It scares me so much, because I care about him and I’ve known him to be depressed in the past. He’s always struggled with identifying who he is, what he wants, and spends more time looking for love than he does trying to make himself happy. He’s gotten into smoking and frequent drinking in the past few months, and now he’s closing out everyone who cares about him. I so badly want to be there for him, but he’s gotten to the point that he isn’t even answering his phone when I call.


Now, Mike is telling me how he makes people miserable because it makes him feel better. People on mmorpgs, his ex-girlfriend, his family, etc.


Hell, even Travis falls into this category. Though, he still has time to prove otherwise (the Navy is probably a good start to that). He’s so smart, and talented, and I could see him doing so many amazing things. But instead he sleeps a lot, and is kind of lazy, and likes a few illegal activities I’m not so keen on.


It’s just too bad, y’know? There are so many AWESOME people in the world. So many awesome, talented, lovely, wonderful people, who have the capacity to do great things, make great things, influence others, teach others, love others, have the capacity to just be great and successful in their own unique ways. But so many of these people waste that potential, spend more time sitting around thinking, or not thinking, when they could be acting or doing.

It’s sad.


On another note,  I have more leadership stuff I’d like to share. But it’s late, so I think I’ll save it for another day.


Sean and I finished The Fault in Our Stars tonight. It was incredibly sad – we both cried a bit. But it was also incredibly beautiful, and definitely worth a read. I’d recommend it to most people.


I think I’m going to head to bed now though. I’m very sleepy, and have to get up to do some work before class tomorrow (even skipping my first class, I’ll be up before I want to be).


Peace, Love, and Potential,



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