FLAME Leadership – Day Uno

It was a long day.
I wasn’t tired last night,
so, as a compromise for bedtime, I turned off my lights and curled up in bed, and Sean read to me until I was sleepy.

It was pretty much wonderful and amazing and just good.

I gladly returned the favor tonight.
Falling asleep to the voice of someone you care very much for is one of the best things in life.
I’m almost certain.


I woke up early today, met up with Alyssa (my Human Symbolic Activity partner), went over our project, then went to class and presented our project. Then my other classes, a meeting with my Latin professor (I dislike him. He doesn’t listen). THEN 3 and a half hours of leadership seminars!! Yayyy?


Tonight I learned that I am a BLUE personality type!
What does this mean?
This means that I am enthusiastic, sympathetic, and personal.
I need to feel unique and authentic, and look for meaning and significance in life.
I am warm, communicative, and compassionate, 
as well as idealistic, spiritual, and sincere.
I need to contribute, to encourage, and to care.
I value integrity and unity in relationships.
I am peaceful, flexible, imaginative, and a natural romantic, a poet, and a nurturer.

At work, I have a strong desire to influence others so they may lead more significant lives. I often work in the arts, communications, education, and the helping professions. I am adept at motivating and interacting with others. 

In love, I seek harmonious relationships. I am a true romantic and believe in perfect love that lasts forever. I bring drama, warmth, and empathy to all relationships. I enjoy the symbols of romance, such as flowers, candlelight, and music, and cherish the small gestures of love.


I will happily be posting the other personality colors later this week, and will look for a test online for all you lovely people 🙂 I am particularly fond of the color personality test because I feel it’s one of the more accurate personality tests out there. I mean, that italicized text up there? It totally describes me. 


I ALSO learned that the tone of around 50% of emails sent/received are misread, leading to a LOT of miscommunication. (I wonder if that could somehow contribute to Megan’s misjudging of me/my intent a week or two ago?)


That’s all I’ve really got right now.
That’s a lie, there’s probably more I could talk about, but I’m sleepy.  

Oh. Also. I caught up with Vampire Diaries today. 
It’s rather disappointing – now I have to wait for episodes.


I’m thinking I might start watching How I Met Your Mother next.
Or Doctor Who. But Doctor Who is something I should pay attention to, so I’m thinking I’ll wait til Spring Break, when I have more free time, to tackle that.


Peace, Love, and the sweetest dreams,




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