Controversy and Productivity

Today was definitely a good day. For a sunday. Sundays aren’t generally my favorite, as they are homework days. 

I got all my Latin homework done – I’m going to type it up shortly, and then study lots’n’lots for Latin. I have a quiz tomorrow and I need to get my grade up. Hardcore. I’m feeling pretty confident though – I think I can handle this. 

Additionally, I started the FLAME leadership program today. FLAME is a program in which participants attend seminars throughout the week, learning about leadership as well as doing group activities. By the end of the program, we will have earned a certificate and hopefully learned some awesome things about being a leader.

Yay leading! =D

Finally, I had a newspaper meeting tonight. It was…interesting. One of the male reporters asked to write about Rush Limbaugh, and I suggested he include that Limbaugh seems to lack knowledge of how birth control pills work (Limbaugh suggested in his show recently that women need to take a pill every time they’re going to have sex). The boy’s response was to ask if that’s not how it works, and how often a woman takes the pill, and she takes it before or after sex. And doesn’t Limbaugh have a point, that women are just taking the pill so they can have sex.

In response to this, I decided to write an article on hormonal contraceptives – how they work, their uses (outside of preventing pregnancy), etc. I’m excited because my editor LOVED my idea, and because it’s edgy for our paper. If I stray from facts, the college may shut my article down because it’s a Lutheran school and I can’t advocate birth control. 

However, Limbaugh, plus Mitt Romney, plus a majority of boys I’ve spoken with, have no idea how birth control works, and I think if it’s going to be such a controversial topic, people should at least know what they’re talking about, right? If you’re going to be strongly against something, you should at least have your facts straight.

Doing more peace corp research tonight, if I have time.

But now, studying.


Peace, Love, and Busy Week,



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