PDA and other thoughts

I am tired.

And lonely.

Tonight was game night. Normally that’s super exciting, but over the past 2 or 3 stressful weeks I’ve spent not really seeing my friends, they’ve all sort of partnered up. Sof and Andrew are an item now, as are Nora and Ryan. That leaves Zach and I. This wouldn’t be so bad, except I feel like it won’t be long before people start suggesting Zach and I date, and I really don’t want to date Zach. Like. At all. He’s nice and all, but I’m just not interested. That and Nora and Ryan are in that new relationship stage – the one where the other is the most important person in the room and takes up all your attention.


I feel like if you’re going to be like that you shouldn’t hang out in a group.


Like. I’m chill with cuddling. Cuddling is great. If you wanna cuddle while we all hang out, that is awesome. But if you want to cuddle and talk while we’re playing a card game, and be so absorbed in each other that we have to tell you when it’s your turn and call your name a few times to get your attention, you should just go cuddle in your room.


I dunno. I’m probably a little bitter.
I’m just lonely.
It’s not like I’ve had anyone on campus this year, really, but suddenly it’s like everyone around me does, and my best friend / the person I’d like to able to cuddle and hold hands and be sickeningly adorable with is 718 miles away.

And it’s just fucking depressing, okay?



I’m going to stop being angsty now, and watch some vampires kill shit.

Some sexy vampires. Killing shit.


I wish Sean didn’t have to go to bed. I missed him tonight.


Peace, Love, And Cuddles,



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