A Pretty Lame Post

I just geeked out over wordpress’s new layout – it’s so easy to make new posts! THE BUTTON IS RIGHT THERE!! YAY!!

So, Sean and I talked today, about past events and now events, and fears and worries and arguments and apologies. I think it was a good talk. I got that weird tummy feeling during it again, but that’s okay. It probably has a lot to do with things I mentioned here. But I don’t really know.


On another note (I really love this new layout. I’m still geeking) today was a decent day. Slept it, Religion was boring, Choir was okay. We’re singing Hotaru Koi, which is exciting. 


Otherwise not much is happening. Getting ready to mail some things to Sean, working on some writing. 


Things are pretty chill. 


This is a lame post.


Peace, Love, and Supernatural (YAY),


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