Loving-Kindness Meditation

I love yoga.

Seriously, the time from 4:10 to 5:50 that I’m doing yoga completely makes my Toozdais.


Today we did the “Loving-Kindness Meditation”


This meditation has five stages of focus.

1. Yourself

2. Your loved ones

3. A stranger (someone who serves you food, cleans your hall, etc)

4. Someone you have difficulty with (hostile feelings, resentment, hurt, etc)

5. All beings


You sit or lie comfortably, taking deep breaths, opening the space around your heart.


As you breathe and relax, you begin to focus on a person (dependent on which stage you’re on). You can invision their face, say their name quietly, whatever you need to do.


Then you either think or say:

May ____ be free from inner and outer harm and danger.
May ____ be safe and protected.

May ____ be free of mental suffering or distress. 
May ____ be happy.

May ____ be free of physical pain and suffering. 
May ____ be healthy and strong.

May ____ be able to live in this world happily, 
peacefully, joyfully, with ease.


The blank can be filled in with “I,” a friend’s name, “my loved ones,” an enemy’s name, etc.

For the next 15-20 minutes you just breathe and focus, wishing these good things for, literally, everyone.

It’s very…freeing.

Particularly the fourth step – focusing on someone which whom you have difficulty.
It’s difficult to wish someone who has hurt you well,
and to do so and do so sincerely is very freeing.


All in all, I feel good. I needed to stretch, and meditation always leaves me in a wonderful mood.


Now it’s dinner and homework time.


Peace, Love, and Kindness,


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