I’m Lying In Bed…

…wondering how you can miss someone this much when you only really know them through a computer screen.


I read the first chapter of The Fault in Our Stars to Sean tonight.
He doesn’t have a copy of it yet, but we were too eager to wait any longer.
It’s a very good book, and I actually enjoyed reading to him a great deal.
I’m glad we decided not to wait.


I spent a good hour going through a tumblr called Dear Scarlet today.
It’s a blog run by the parents of Scarlet, a four year old girl. They’ve been doing it for 2 or 3 years now.
It’s…for lack of better word, touching, to read their notes and watch both the girl grow and her parents feelings grow.

Could you ever imagine loving another being that much?

It’s almost terrifying.


Reading through it makes me think about my future a lot though.
The things I want. The people I want to keep as company for as long as I can.
The places I want to go. The sights I want to see.
Children? Job? Husband?
It’s weird because, really, all that stuff could be right around the corner.
It’s kind of intense, y’know?


Sean and I had been talking about futures as well, the other night.
His goals, my goals, which ones fit together, grad school, careers, etc.
And the more immediate future – his summer visit.
When I think about it my insides start to feel all weird,
and I get very excited.
I honestly cannot wait.


That’s enough sleepy rambles for the early morning.
I’m going to finish this (particularly strange) episode of The Vampire Diaries,
and head to bed.


Peace, Love, and Dreams,



P.S. My final interview in the R.A. Application Process is tomorrow (Tuesday) afternoon. Wish me luck? I’m quite nervous.


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