Jackie – i know you read my blog too. i don’t plan on responding to your facebook message or to any of your other “good intentions.” you need to get off your high horse and stop trying to fix this or whatever the hell else you’re trying to do. honestly, it’s just pissing me off.


So. I’m kind of upset right now.
I probably shouldn’t be writing this.
But, why the fuck does it matter, right?

I’m upset that I’m being judged by someone who doesn’t even know me,
someone I reached out to, despite knowing she didn’t care for me.
I’m hurt that I reached out to a stranger, not because it mattered to me,
but because I knew my best friend was hurting, and because I felt that stranger was as well,
and that her reaction wasΒ blatantlyΒ mean and, well, nasty.

I don’t like that I’m being judged, and misjudged at that.


Who’s on a high horse here? Really?


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