I Just Want To Curl Up In A Corner and Listen To The Avett Bros Until This Week Is Over

I have a headache.
And I’m skipping choir again.
And I made a new to-do list, plus a list of goals for the next few days.

I’m doing everything I can to avoid stressing.

I’m going to share that list with you now. I don’t really know why.

Mostly because this is my blog and I’ll post whatever I want?

And because if I post it Β where people can see it, someone is bound to hold me to it.
And I could use that.


2/22 – RLC (9pm)
2/23 – Centrique (4pm)
– RA Group Processing (6-9pm)
2/24 – Human Symbolic Activity Exam
2/26 – Model UN Article Due (noon)
– Brainstorming (9pm)
2/27 – Western Heritage Essay Due
– Chapter 17 Quiz (latin)
2/29 – Tropes Essay and Project Due


Goals for tonight (2/22):
– Finish Centrique scoring
– Ask Kelsey about RA Processing
– Research tropes for project
– Read some things for WH essay
– Study HSA

Goals for Thursday (2/23)
– Outline WH essay
– Print info for Model UN Article – Write during Religion
– Study HSA
– Research tropes
– Read for WH
– Survive.

Goals for Friday (2/24)
– Outline andor write WH essay
– Finish Model UN Article
– Work on tropes project

Goals for Saturday (2/25)
– Write/finish WH Essay
– Edit Model UN Article (turn in before bed)
– Talk to June about help with both of those things
– Meet with Alyssa for Tropes project
– Study latin and start homework

Golas for Sunday (2/26)
– Polish WH Essay
– Meet with Alyssa for tropes
– Work on Tropes Essay
– Study latin and finish homework


Yeah. I’m gonna be a pretty busy person.
There is an upside.
There’s an awesome boy in my life who’s trying really hard to help me as much as he can, even though there isn’t much he can do, really. He helped me score some writing pieces for Centrique yesterday, and is going to help me plan my essay tomorrow. And hopefully we’ll find time for a movie date this Friday.

Now then, I wish I had more for you lovely people, but I don’t, and I have lots to do.
So ciao ❀

Peace, Love, and Deep Breaths,



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