What To Do When You Feel Bad For Something You Didn’t Do

There is one upside to having a “to do” list – the feeling you get when you mark something off it.


But that’s not actually why I got on here.

I got on here to talk about something that’s kind of bothering me.


Megan is one of Sean’s really good friends, as well as his ex-girlfriend’s sister.

They’ve been pretty close for a long time, and she doesn’t like me.
(I wasn’t actually aware of her disliking me until, well, yesterday).


Either way, it’s recently become clear that she has feelings for Sean. Outside of a pretty obvious blog post, she quit talking to him after he posted a rather heartfelt post about me, and cancelled her plans to visit him in a few weeks.


I feel bad. I feel kind of like I’m unintentionally coming between their friendship.
I mean, I know I haven’t done anything, but, well, it sucks, y’know?


So, I tried messaging her. (You all just went O.O, right?)
It wasn’t to talk about the situation, but just to try and make friends with her.
I thought maybe if we talked she’d stop hating me so much.

Hey Megan, I’m Jacquelynn.
I think you already know of me from Sean, kind of like how I know of you.
He mentioned you were going through some stressful times right now, and doesn’t really know how to help, so I thought I’d ask how you’re doing, and see if I can do anything to help you out.

That’s all I said.
She saw it later in the evening, and told Sean.


From what I understand, their conversation went like this:

Megan: Jacquelynn sent me a message on facebook
Sean: Oh really? What did she say?
Megan: *copy/pastes message*
Sean: Well, that’s interesting.
Megan: That’s one word for it.
Sean: What would you call it?
Megan: Nothing.

And then she got offline.

So she hasn’t responded to me, and I don’t think she plans to.
And I don’t know what to do.
Part of me thinks I probably shouldn’t do anything.
This should be where I step back and accept that it’s going to play out however Megan wants it to.


But I’d rather her yell at me than ignore me AND Sean.


Part of me wants to tell her straight up
“Look, I get it, you like Sean.
I’m really sorry for messing that up for you,
you can hate me as much as you want,
but what is not talking to Sean going to solve?”


I don’t know.

I know I didn’t do anything. I just feel bad.

That’s all.


I’m going to go drink some juice and get dressed now.
If you haven’t tried raspberry & green tea v8 fusion, get on that shit.
It’s super tasty.


Peace, Love, and Juice,



One thought on “What To Do When You Feel Bad For Something You Didn’t Do

  1. If i were you…i would leave her alone. Don’t blame yourself for what she decides for herself. You should not change your relationship with Sean either. What to do with her….Sean need to decide himself.

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