Just a quick post.

I am so stressed.

I made a list of all the things I have to do this week,
thinking it would help me feel less stressed.

It looks like this, if you’re curious:


2/21 – Religion Presentation, 2 page writing exercise
2/22 – Latin test, RLC meeting
2/23 – RA group processing
2/24 – Human Symbolic Activity Exam
2/26 – Model UN Article due, Paper meeting
2/27 – 3-4 page essay due
2/29 – Tropes essay and presentation due


And those are just the major things.

I thought this list would make me less stressed.

But seeing everything I need to do right there on paper,
and how there’s something almost EVERY day,
makes me scared and stressed and whatnot.


It sucks. I’m super busy, Sean is moderately to super busy as well, so it’s going to be a very sad week for our friendationship.
I wish my daddy would text me back.
I could use a pep-talk.

Peace, Love, and Sleepy,



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