Should be in bed. Instead I’ma blog.

I just read a post on a friend’s facebook about how her boyfriend got her a “journey ring” for Valentine’s Day. Being the curious person that I am, I did some googling and found that “journey rings” are rings symbolic of growth in a relationship. They aren’t like promise rings, or engagement rings, so much as just a symbol of how the relationship is growing and changing in a positive manner and how in the future the giver hopes this will continue.


I love the idea behind some jewelry. I find symbolic jewelry so fascinating.


Kind of like clauddagh rings. Those have a very long meaning though, and I’m so tired right now that I’m forgetting to capitalize things, so perhaps I’ll explain that another time.


Maybe someday I’ll have a piece of jewelry with some meaning behind it.

Or at least a piece of jewelry picked out for me by, as I started calling them today, a real boy.




Peace, love and sleepies,



P.S. Birthday ended as good as it began 🙂 With a very nice talk with Sean!

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