Friendationship Update

Today was pretty eventful. Most of this week will be, actually.


Carthage’s Women’s Ensemble (which I am a part of) had a recording session today. One of our pieces was composed by a Kenosha native and a Carthage alumni, and he brought an orchestra to our school and we recorded us singing the song. It was awesome but extremely stressful. So much repetition (2 hours of one song = the worst).


Otherwise I have a slew of meetings, an article to write for the paper, etc.

Oh, and my birthday is tomorrow!! πŸ™‚


In other news, I don’t know who of you will remember back mid-JuneΒ when I posted a line-graph of my friendship with Sean; but last night he and I were talking, and decided it might be a good time to update the friendationship line graph XD


And, because I shared the original here, I decided I should probably share the new one as well XD



So there’s that πŸ™‚


Peace, love, and analyzing-my-life,



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