It’s Chill


I shouldn’t be this sleepy – I slept until noon today.

But, I did work out a little bit today.

First day of yoga 🙂

Yoga is super nice – really chill and relaxing, with just the right amount of pain.


More good news – I got a job!! I’m a reporter for The Current, Carthage’s newspaper!!


On a less exciting note – Sean’s been super busy.
I sort of miss how we used to set aside time for each other.
I know part of that stopping is my own fault,
but that doesn’t make me miss it any less.

I’m worried he’s upset with me. I dunno why, just a gut feeling.
He hasn’t talked to me since I asked though.
That makes me a little more nervous.
But, as Josh would say, it’s out of my range of control.
It’s chill.

I wish I lived closer so I could help them out though – Sean and Josh have both been crazy busy, while I sit around here doing nothing. XD


I’m sitting here rolling up my thread so I can organize it.

And I’m watching Avatar: the Last Airbender.


Yeah. I’m not that exciting of an individual.


Peace, Love, and Friends,


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