Eat All The Food!!

If I was ever seriously depressed, like, long-term, I’d get so fat.

I’ve been eating so much. After mom and I talked yesterday, I ate a full bowl of soup, half a bag of chip (I’m almost done with the second half now), a yogurt, a cupcake, and drank a can of pop. Eat all the food?


I’ve been a bit down today.

My friends and I went to Goodwill and Walmart, but Nora wasn’t in the best mood and neither was I.

Additionally, I was really hoping to skype with Sean tonight.

I’ve been missing his face a bit.

But he’s out with friends.

(But that’s okay, so long as he’s having a really good time. He needs more of those).


On the upside, I have a June. She’s adorable.
June: “Dislike. He should come skype with you.”
Me: “Nonono, it’s fine, because he’s having a good time and he deserves more of those in his life. But thanks for making me everyone else’s priority <3”
June: “Obviously, you’re important. XD”


I love that girl.


I’m gonna go find real food now. Nomnomnom. Then maybe I’ll curl up by myself and watch a movie, because that’s what cool kids do on Saturday nights.


Peace, Love, and fatfatfat,



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