Jst to let yo know, I am missing yo.

My parents are on a break.
As of…this morning, I think.


My dad hasn’t spoken to my mom in three days.

How can you ignore someone for three days when you sleep in the same bed as them?

If I care about someone enough to share their bed, to share years of my life with them,

the last thing I would do is ignore them.

(In case you didn’t know, I’m big on communication – if I’m upset with you and you’re my good friend,

I’m going to let you know, because I want to fix things immediately).

This morning she told him she needed a break.

He moved into my grandmother’s old house.


I was angry after she and I got off the phone.

It’s hard for me to hear her cry, because I’m used to my mother being a really strong, independent person.

Up until my parents starting having issues around high school graduation time,

the only time I remember my mom crying was once, when I was maybe five.

But my anger was because I tried calling my dad and he didn’t answer.

He texted me and told me he didn’t want to talk,

that he knew  I was hurting and I would be okay.

Livid, I called him back until he answered.


But yeah, that’s happening.


I’ve not been able to hold myself together long enough to leave my room for about an hour and a half now.

I’m lucky to have an amazing friend in Sean, he was there for me when I was falling apart a little while ago,

as he always is when I think I might just break.

(I intend to let him know how grateful I am to have him in my life everytime I feel this grateful,

for the rest of forever. So he never forgets how important he is to me.)

I don’t think there are words for how lucky I am,

for him especially,

but for all my friends.


I’m gonna go eat some dinner now.


Peace, Love, and strength,



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