I stayed up too late watching a movie

I have a problem when I watch romantic movies andor adventure movies.

Okay, maybe a couple problems.


1. Now I want an adventure. I want to go to another country and have amazing things happen to me.

2. I want a romance. A real romance. I want the kind of love that makes people do crazy things. Not even crazy like chase me to a train in 5 minutes flat from across town to ask me not to go. But. I guess. I dunno. I’ve done some…intense things for love. Risked my family disowning me to be with a boy I loved. Went through the fighting and yelling and a period of not-speaking-even-though-we-lived-in-the-same-house. But. I don’t know that anyone has ever loved me that much. I don’t know that anyone loves me enough to do something crazy (and potentially stupid) for me. [example – fly across the world because I’m in another country and we were fighting when I left and you need to tell me that you love me and you’re sorry]. Granted. I don’t know that anyone has loved me enough to risk losing their family, as I did.


Movies give me unrealistic wants, clearly.

Movies are the reason I want to hop a plane as often as I do.

I have places to go and people to hug.


Peace, Love, and Dreams,


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