I’m sleepy, and awfully lazy

A lot of things happened today.
But the person who actually reads my blog was there for most of them,
and I’m too sleepy to write them all down at the moment.

On another note.
I watched a short film in which an elderly couple celebrated their 63rd anniversary.
It really really bummed me out, because they elderly couple reminded me of my parents,
except, I’m pretty sure my parents won’t make it to their 63rd anniversary.
Or their 30th.
Maybe not even their 25th.

Aside from that super depressing note, today was really good.
Job interview tomorrow x__x

Saw this on tumblr.
Pretty much sums up my feelings quite often,
especially when anxiety sets in:

“For once, I want someone to be afraid to lose me. I’m always the one who is terrified of losing the people that I hold close, but I doubt anyone would ever fight to keep me in their life.”

Peace, Love, and Luck,



P.S. when I posted this, wordpress clapped and cheered at me.
It made me feel special.


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