I wish I had a photo with you.

There are some things on my mind that I don’t wish to blog about, for they are emotional and unimportant.

Instead, I’d like to tell you about the self-recognition I had last night.


While I was lying in bed, reflecting on things and stuff,
I realized that I’ve had another growth period in the past months.

A few months ago, I was depressed. I’m pretty sure I cried at least once a day,
It took all my will just to get out of bed in the mornings,
and at times I called my dad to give me that motivation, because I couldn’t muster it on my own.


Honestly, there was a point where I thought I would never be happy again.
That I would always feel that empty and unmotivated.


But now I look at myself,
and I am happy.
And better yet, my happiness is entirely based on my own attitude,
not on the people in my life.
It’s wonderful.

And while all things in my life are not quite where I’d like them to be, that happiness remains,
because it’s all about how I look at things.
I like to think of the things that aren’t working out as goals.
Or things for me to learn from.
I like to think what I’m doing is moving forward.
And, really, I’m kind of proud of myself.



Click the image to see the hesitant, not-worded-as-beautifully-as-I-would-like, answer.

Peace, Love, and Grace,


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