Why Does This Feel Like High School?

So, here, have a less passive aggressive account of what happened xD


Mike, the boy I went on a date with when I was home, has a girlfriend now.


I was hurt that he was flirting with me and missing me and making plans for when I come home, and then I got on facebook and he had a girlfriend.

I’m not hurt that they’re dating, I just wish he would have told me before facebook told me, y’know?


Well, he and I talked this morning. Turns out she gave him an ultimatum. Date me or quit talking to me.

Who does that, really?

And how come she ends up dating so many of my ex boyfriends, or people who shared a mutual interested with me?

Ugh. Β (No seriously. She has dated two of my exes, and now Mike. That’s a lot of people to share?)

AND she just broke up with a boy like two days ago and posted all over about how she wasn’t a serious-relationship sort of person, and all that crap.


I’m glad he cared about me enough to just dive right into a relationship with this girl though.


When Travis and I agreed to see other people,
it was a decision to test our love and to let the other have a chance to find happiness with someone else.
All this has done is solidify how much I love Travis and want to be with him.
As happens with all of my affiliations with boys.


I don’t need this kind of drama and stress in my life.


I’m over it.


Moving on. Peace, Love, and Homework,



Addition: Β Some conversations I found amusing today.

Me: Remember [girl name]?
Ma: Yeah, she dated ryan?
Me: And zander. And now Mike.
Ma: *laughs* omg, it’s like she’s everywhere


“considering your type
and her type (people with dicks)
and the fact that she’s had like dozens of other boyfriends
its probably more coincidence” – A friend, on the number of boys we’ve shared.


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