Everyone is going to hurt you. So really you shouldn’t trust anyone.


Even if they’re really nice and the first guy anywhere near you (even if it is 5 hours) who you’ve actually kind of liked, since, well…in about 2 years. Excluding your last boyfriend, and such.


Even if you wanted them to be different because they’re the first real-life boy who has made you happy, as opposed to making you miss the crap out of your non-boyfriend.


But. you don’t need them. You don’t need anyone. Not your sdbf (whatever that means), not that smart boy who was nice to you, not that boy in the navy, not the kids back home, no one.



Fuck this. I had a lot of awesome shit to blog about tonight but none of it fucking matters and it will all be there tomorrow morning when I’m not sad and hurting.


I hope all of you are happier than I’ve been.
You lovely people deserve it.




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