Just Barely Getting By

I’m exhausted. I shouldn’t even be spending these few minutes on this blog. I should just pass out.

This week = hell

Christmas Fest is this weekend, we have 2-3 hour rehearsals every night for that.

I have 2 essays due Monday. I haven’t started either.

My art final is due next Thursday.

The week after that are exams.

I just want to die

Added to that I’m kind of lonely as hell.
I miss Travis. It hasn’t been long, but I already missed him so this is just worse.
I miss having someone to talk to. I don’t really have anyone anymore.
At least not anyone that really understands, that will listen for as long as I need them too.
That’s almost always there.

(it’s funny because, normally, when feeling this down, I’d just call someone. Travis, Sean, someone. I’m sure there are a few more people I’ve called crying, in need of someone to lean on for that moment. But. Were I to break down right this instant, I have no idea who I’d call. Because there is no one to call.)

I try not to think about how alone I am though.

I just keep remembering that I am strong and I can get through this.

I hope I’m not lying to myself.

No giving up.
I’ve got this.

Peace, Love, and Strength,



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