As Many Times As I Blink I’ll Think Of You, Tonight <3

Vanilla Twilight (by owl city) is definitely one of my favorites. Such a beautiful song.


I hate arguing with friends =/ especially when you aren’t really arguing, they’re just sort of snapping at you, and you don’t really know why.

I just got off the phone with Travis, and he was mad at me for a lot of the conversation. Er…not mad, irritated. And I don’t know why, and he didn’t really know why. But it made me cry a lot. My head hurts now.


I think he’s maybe nervous about tomorrow, when he gets on the big boat, and maybe that’s why he was acting funny.


Ah well.
I talked to tj today for the first time in a while.
I like tj. He’s a little dramatic at times, but he’s a good guy.

I’ll never forget how we met:
“So, how do you know all the people down here?”
“Well…I…dated Ryan.”
“As, we’ve all dated Ryan, and we make such good friends that way.”



Speaking of Ryan, I think I may do another facebook purge soon. Some people need to go.


But more relatedly, Tj asked me to try not to hold whatever is happening with Sean against him, when the time comes.
I told him how sometimes, I wonder what I did to ruin our friendship.
He thinks Sean is probably going through something, and it’s not necessarily something I did.

I hope he’s right, because I’d hate to have done something awful and not know it.
But at the same time, it hurts that Sean could be going through something and I can’t be there for him the way he’s always been there for me.


Ah well, so it goes.


I’m really sleepy now, so I’m going to end things here.

I’m already counting down the days until I can go home xD


Peace, Love, and Dreams,



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