Something Witty and Attention Grabbing (this is a lame post)

So, I meant to post a couple nights ago, but ended up staying out really late, doing homework of all things.

And now I’m back at school! Yay?


I’m personally not that excited. I was enjoying my break.


Coming back to school makes me a little sad, and I don’t know why.
I think it’s because I haven’t really made any friends here who I’m quite as close to as the friends from home.


I just broke a rule. Whoops.


Break was really nice.
I was so so so happy to see my Maggiey ❤
And meeting Mike was nice.
And swing dancingggg. Agh that was so fantastic.


The drive back to school was interesting as well – my step-grampa drove me, because he works in Chicago. Sort of. He’s a pilot, but his home airport is in Chicago.


That more or less covers the real interesting shit.

I have homework to do now.



Oh! My dad told me I’m more mature than I was when I came home a month ago.
That was nice to hear. I mean, I feel like I’ve grown a lot, but I didn’t realize other people could see it too.



Peace, Love, and Pleaseletmegetthroughtodayalive,



(I feel like I think about the sad things in my life more when I’m at school than I did at home. Like Sean, that weasels it’s way in there more often [he hasn’t spoken to me since I reminded him that I’m emotionally involved in our friendship, and I’d kind of like a chance to heal as well. and told him the ball was in his court. I guess that’s a good example of how important my healing is. He’s going to be busy now that he’s back at school anyway, with job stuff and classes and tests, so I probably shouldn’t expect anything. There goes one of the best friendships I’ve ever had, I guess.] And Travis [he’s being deployed at the end of the week]. It’s a little annoying.)


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