An Interesting Day

Good evening all!


Today definitely qualifies as a good day.
A weird day, for sure, but a good day.


It started with a phone call from Travis, who told me all about his Thanksgiving endeavors (including a 2 floor nerf war Β in the barracks).


After that, I got dressed and went to coffee with Mike, who gave me a cute little Puss in Boots stuffed animal to remember our date by.


Then I hung out with Maggiey and Haley and played Mario Kart on the N64 and ate left over turkey foodz. Then swing club!


I haven’t danced in SO long. It was really great.

I also picked up Jordan in there somewhere, and he came to swing club with me.


That’s where interesting stuff started happening. He and I hung out at his house after swing, and before I left he hugged me and apologized for all the hurt that he caused in our past. There was a lot of it.


I forgave Jordan a long time ago, but it was still really nice to hear him apologize like that.

I don’t think he’ll admit it yet, but he’s done a lot of personal growing this year, and I think there’s a lot more to come.

I don’t know that I’ll ever tell him, but I’m really proud of him.

He’s not the same Jordan I met 5 and a half years ago.


Anyway. Maggiey is here now, I’m just waiting for her to get out of the shower.
The water just shut off, actually.


Goodnight all!


Peace, love, and forgiveness,



[oh. somewhere in there I talked to Sean a bit. He doesn’t appreciate me “demanding” things of him. Like talking. It’s like he thinks this is entirely his situation, and I’m just trying to get information out of him. It’s like he’s forgotten that I played some role in all of this, that my feelings are just as hurt as his are. *sigh*]


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