Hi, I’m Crazy (conversation snippet before bed)

“I’ve noticed.”
“I’m that bad?”
“Nah, I’ve just had a pretty one track mind recently.”

*omits some stuff*

“It’s like he’s engrained in my brain.”
“FIX IT. Think about other things. Like birdies, and owls, and school, and cake.”
“I TRY. Everything links back to a conversation or a picture or an object. It’s all fucking connected. x__x”
“You’re just crazy.”
“Am not. Thought I’ve been told certain levels of feelings are the equivalent of being crazy.”
“Totes crazy.”

I debated posting this.
It may disappear in the morning.
Granted, by then it may not matter.
My head is killing me.
G’night world.

Peace, Love, and Tylenol,



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