Yup, I’m Real Smart.

It’s 6:30 am.
I’m fucking tired.

Oh, and I’m pretty much arguing with Travis.
Which is the smartest idea EVER, right?
One of my best friends has absolutely no want to speak to me, right?
(I mean, I’m almost sureΒ he’s even turned his skype to invisible.
(which is dumb, if I wanted to send him something, I would, regardless,
under the pretense he’d be on eventually.))[yay double parenthesis]

So what do I do?
Fuck things up with my other best friend!
Two weeks before he leaves the country for 6 months!



I have to go get around for a 2 hour busride.
I’ll talk to y’all tonight.

Peace, Love, and Better-Mornings-Than-Mine,



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