No, Really, I Need To Stop Watching Movies

I didn’t plan on being back. But I need my blog fix.


A. Friends With Benefits is a FANTASTIC movie about these two people who hang out and watch movies and drink beer and are best friends. They get along really well, but then they throw sex into the mix and generally sex turns into emotions in these situations.

B. I need to stop watching romantic comedies.


Most people don’t actively know it, but I’m not a cry-er as far as movies are concerned. The only movie I ever cried at before tonight was My Girl, and I was, like, 12. And that movie was fucking sad.


Who cries at a romantic comedy, really?

Apparently I do now.

I am officially that girl.


This is what really got to me:


Dylan: Hey, I miss you.
Jamie: I miss you! But you’re not wrong. I am damaged!
Dylan: So am I. Who isn’t? It’s what makes this so awesome. And our tattoos.
[he kneels in front of her and takes her hand]
Jamie: Oh! No! No! No! No!
Dylan: Shut up. It’s not what you think. Jamie, will you be my best friend again?
Jamie: That is so lame.
Dylan: Oh, I know! It’s some Prince Charming shit though, right?
Jamie: Get up.
*takes out a few lines*
Dylan: Hey, I want my best friend back. Because I’m in love with her.


I loved that he called her his best friend, instead of like saying all this crazy sappy stuff or girlfriend or “you”.

After that he even said that he’d be okay if they never had sex again (which was amusing) – because he just wanted his best friend back.


Yeah. I just ruined the end of the movie for everyone reading this.
But not really, there were a LOT more great things that happened in this scene.
Please, please go watch it.
So good.
You won’t regret it.


Well, that’s it for the night folks.


I’m off to shower,
then a phone call with Travis.
Which I’m really not that excited for.
Just not feeling it.



Peace, Love, and Sweet-Dreams (and smiles!),



Funny from earlier in the movie (this is why I love watching movies on campus with a bunch of other people)

Movie: Jamie goes down on Dylan, then pokes her head out from under the blanket, says something snarky, and kisses him.
Boy in back of theater: No! Don’t kiss him after that!!

Thank you boy in the back of theater for making me laugh as hard as the movie did.
And thank you to every girl that aww’d in unison and then laughed at the realization that that just happened.


I am super proud of myself.

There was a point about halfway through the movie where something super funny happened,
and I went to text Sean.
Got halfway through the message before I remembered that things aren’t normal right now.
But I did remember,
and regained the willpower necessary to not send the message,
and enjoy the rest of my movie.

*small smile*


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