I Have A Sneeze-Tickle In My Nose

…But I can’t seem to sneeze. >.< It’s really annoying.


Breakfast was all right – I took a book and sat by the window, reading Anthem (by Ayn Rand) while I ate.
It’s a really good book, and an easy read. (Meaning you should all go pick it up RIGHT NOW ^.~ )


So, I was going through my pictures trying to find somethings new for my facebook prof pic.
It was then that I realized that (a) I never sent Sean his video tour of our stage from last year during the musical,
and (b) that I have tons of screenshots from this summer xD


Good times.
*small smile*


That’s a new one to add to my list:
I miss those nights when we laughed til we couldn’t breathe,
until my mom was up for work and I had to get to bed.


By the end of the week, I could probably post a list of things I miss, lol.


Oh! I promised you guys a story of being kicked out of an art studio.
Last night I decided to paint – I believe I mentioned that last night.
So I’m painting and watching a movie and having a pretty good time.
And this guy shouts down the hall *generic male voice* “anyone down there?”
I shout back that I am, and he tells me he needs to lock up.

Why the hell would you lock an art studio at 11ish on a Friday night?
I mean, the practice rooms are open until 1 always.
And there’s nothing worth stealing in the art studio, lol.

Most of the art students want to work on the weekends anyway.
Half of them paint in their rooms.

I don’t wanna paint in my room though.


So instead I do ridiculous amounts of art stuff in the student union, because it never closes.


But either way, my plan to paint until 1 was ruined by a security guy.


Super bummer.


Tonight I’m going to see Friends With Benefits mostly by myself.
Nora is coming, but there’s a good chance she’ll be leaving early.

And then early bed because the bus leaves at 7:30 tomorrow morning.


If the movie is worth mentioning, I’ll be back later.
Otherwise, goodnight you lovely people! 🙂
Sleep well, with happy dreams.


Peace, Love, and Something-Else-Good,



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