Before Bed Thoughts

Sean told me earlier that he doesn’t want me to just quit talking to him – I’ve been feeling like that’s what he wants.

He said “how about you just text me when you want to, and I’ll text you when I want to, and we won’t have to think about it too much”
or something like that.


He doesn’t want to text me very much.

And I’m pretty sure this is his way of saying “go away”
without hurting my feelings as much.

I told him I was sorry earlier,
for being so upset.
I’m just confused is all.
It’s like our friendship just disappeared.
I dunno where it went.

I’m getting better at distracting myself.

And Travis called me earlier.
It was a short call,
but it put me in a slightly better mood.


Maggiey is making me a dream catcher,
so I stop having nightmares.
Hopefully I’ll start sleeping better soon.




P.S. If it weren’t my only way to talk to Travis, I would probably turn off my phone for a few days. I think it’d be easier that way. If I just left my phone in my room, or whatever.


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