Naps and Dreams and Such

I just napped for about an hour.


I had this crazy dream within a dream sort of thing.


So in my dream I dreamt that Sean was here. He came to visit, or whatever. It was super exciting, and all that jazz.
Then I “woke up” within my dream, and Sean was there for real!

And I poked his face, and told him I thought I was still dreaming.
And then he kissed me.

And I was like holy shit.


And we hung out and stuff.
Which was nice.
I always imagine hanging out with him for real would be nice.


And then he was gone.


just like that.


And I kept looking for him,
but it was like he wasn’t ever there at all.



And then I want to art class and my teacher hated me.
Which is funny because she was really nice to me today.


The end.




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