This Isn’t What I’m Supposed To Post

I have a blog drafted and saved, but I was writing it in a different dorm building, and their internet is significantly worse than ours.


You’ll get to hear about the concert on another day. Right now I have a more important observation to make:


It really sucks when you realize that someone you’re becoming good friends with doesn’t really understand you. Not you as a person, but your passions and dreams and the things that you love.


I think that’s something people look for in friends, and companionship, is people who share their interests, or at least share their level of passion for SOMETHING.


I have a friend here, and we get along really well, and I have a lot of fun with him, but he just doesn’t understand me. He laughs and tells me I’m weird when I am struck with inspiration and begin scribbling furiously in my notebook. He doesn’t like the same music as me because he doesn’t listen to music for words, he listens to rhythm.


Really, what it comes down to, is I am crazy passionate about words. I love words. I love the way words feel as they fall off my tongue, I love the way they taste, the shapes they make in my mouth. I love the way words feel in my hand too. I just love words. And he doesn’t. He doesn’t see the point in them the way I do.


And now I have to run to class.


Peace, Love, and Passion,


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