I Wish I Weren’t Sick

Ugh. I woke up on Sunday with a cold.

It was just a sore throat then though, and that was tolerable. I thought maybe it was allergies.
I went to lunch with Kaila and Rick, and we met up with Calvin and Matt, which was cool.


Then we went back to their room and hung out, also cool.


Then, because it was a Sunday night, I went into homework/study mode. I took some of my homework over to Max’s room, because I don’t like homework-ing alone, haha.



That boy Calvin, that I mentioned up there a little ways? We hung out for a while later.

He’s kinda cute.

*hides face*



I think I upset Sean though, because I went down by the beach to hang out with Calvin and Matt and said I’d be back in, like, 20 minutes, and then I was gone for about 2 hours. Maybe a little more. He was being really short with me later, and I know why, but I don’t really know what to do about it anymore. I try not think about it, because I don’t think there’s really much I can do.


Ummm, let’s see… I watched Mr. and Mrs. Smith last night with Calvin and Matt and some kids I don’t know at all last night. That Β was a fun time. But it also meant I didn’t finish my art class homework until about 10 minutes before it was due this morning xD

And yet I am totally okay with that. lol.


And now I’m sick. And doing homework. And sleepy.


Peace, love, and orange juice,



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