Momma Hen In Top Bunk

So. I still want to type a lot, but I’m still super busy/tired.

Conversation of the moment:

Me: “Bioshock is super scary.”
Sean: “Relatively speaking, Bioshock is not scary.”
Me: “DEADSPACE is scary.”
Sean: “Exactly! Relatively speaking, Bioshock is a walk through flowers.”
Me: “I played Deadspace for all of ten minutes and almost wet myself.”


And my roommate told me today that if things got weird with me and this guy she was gonna call security because she’s my “momma hen in the top bunk.”


It was super adorkable ❤


Bed now. So tired. Early classes.


Peace, Love, College,




P.S. I’m talking to Sean for the first time in days, and I totally missed him. He’s pro though, totally guessed everything that’s happened in the past couple days without me having to say anything.


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