Titles are Hard for Me

Dear Jacquelynn’s readers,

It is I, Sean, writing again for Jackie. I’m hoping that this will mean that I can take a night off in the future. She has to get set up at college though, and get her Internet working. So, yeah, Word want to make that one word, but that is actually not what I am trying to say at all … Anyway, Jackie does have a message she wants me to deliver to you. She says that she is very sorry and that she wishes she could blog and she will start again as soon as she can and stuff like that.

But that doesn’t matte after this point because this is my blog post. And while I am not quite sure what I am going to talk about at this point, I do know that you can check my Blog for a nerdier update on things going on here in Boone. (see that Jackie, only one “plug” this time) The non-nerdy side is quite boring, the only thing I have done this weekend is work. I took a super long nap today though, and dreamed about death. Fun Stuff.

So, in all seriousness, I’m going to talk about what I know of Jackie’s life at the moment. She has officially moved into her dorm and she appears to be all set up, though I didn’t get a full “tour” of her dorm room. She looks like she is enjoying herself a very good deal, in fact, she told me she was. Her roommate seems nice; I think that they will get along splendidly. Now Jackie is in bed and not texting me like she said she was going to. And that makes me quite sad. Also, she said my face was full of bad news. Thanks Dear, I’m glad my face streams bad news at you. No wonder you haven’t video chatted with me in days! Besides that I am pretty much as in the dark as you are. It’s all good though. Orientation can’t last too much longer, though if all goes according to planned, yous guys will be caught up a good bit before me, as blogging is easier and less time consuming than video chatting.

I have been texted, just thought I would throw that last thing in there.

Nerdtastic Guest


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