Writing My Brainy Thoughts


I really really should be asleep. I feel exhausted – completely drained. But  there are so many things in my brain right now.


Tomorrow I leave for Carthage.


But I’m also so so so nervous. It’s ridiculous.

There’s this HUGE lump in my throat, and it’s twin is at the bottom of my stomach.

And when I get really nervous I do stupid embarrassing things like burp,

and I hafta pee ALL THE TIME. (Like, more than usual, for those of you who know me well and thought something snarky there).



It’d be awesome if I could stop being nervous.


Today was really fantastic though.

I went to lunch with the Bowen’s, which was fantastic because I LOVE the Bowen family. They are all so wonderful and funny and, like, crazy smart. They make me feel silly and dumb. But I love them ❤


Then I went to the school to return all the quiz bowl trophies from my open house. I conveniently got there as a faculty meeting was letting out, so I ran into my favorite English teacher everrr, and she and I chatted for a while. (She’s pregnant. It’s the most adorable thing ever, because she’s such a tiny person, and now she has her baby belly and an outy belly button!!! I love outy belly buttons, lol. It makes me sad sometimes, because when I get pregnant someday, I know I won’t have an outy belly button because my belly button is SO deep already. I’ll probably have a normal-deepness belly button instead).

Gosh I love that woman ❤


After that I made a quick stop at the library, just in time to hug Haley goodbye before she started her shift.


Onward with my travels – I went to wal-mart to pick up a few last minute things. After which I went down the street to my adult friend, Tammy’s, place of employment. We chilled and chatted for a long time and then we said goodbye  and she cried and I was like nouuuu don’t cry. But, well, telling someone not to cry never works.

We hugged like a dozen times, and went on our merry ways.


Got a letter from my boss to prove to Chase that I am employed there. Loan process? Almost complete.


Then I drove aaaaallll the way back through town so I could visit my Gramma Pat, who isn’t really my gramma, but whom I love dearly.

She was like holycrapitstheendofsummer? and I was like yesitisIamleavingtomorrowww.

And then she cried! O.O


I kept telling her it was a-okay and I’d come visit and I’d write her and I love her and chill out and hugged her lots.

And then my mom angry texted me to get my butt home coz I had been gone ALL day. So I hugged my gramma again and insisted it was okay, I wasn’t going away forever, and then I went home.


Packpackpack. Cleanclean. Make lists.


And then Travis called me!! WE HAVEN’T REALLY TALKED IN DAYS!!

I was so freaking excited. I missed his voice lots ❤

It wasn’t as good of a call as it could have been though – the phone service on both ends is rather crappy so it’s hard to have a real conversation. That and we’re both so sleepy and busy.


Now here I am, tired but way too nervous/excited/whatever to sleep.



Oh. The other thing that happened today.

I’m kind of upset with Sean.

He left his phone in Kernersville, so we’ve been communicating mainly through skype. But he’s never around. I mean, he was busy before, and wasn’t texting so well, but now it’s like I get on skype and it says he’s on and I’m like “heyy” and he doesn’t say anything for hours. And then when he’s finally there and talking he takes like 10-20 minutes between messages because he’s doing something. But he doesn’t tell me he’s busy so I’m over here going “dude where the heck is Sean?”

That and he forgot that tonight was my last night at home.

Which really bothers me because, you know, I’ve been talking about that A LOT and it’s, like, SUPER important.


He feels bad, and I don’t want to be upset at him anymore, but it just hasn’t gone away yet.




I should probably try to sleep again now.


Peace, Love & Adventure,


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