Where Is Everybody?!

Am I the only one who sometimes feels like everyone else has just disappeared? Like, if I weren’t at home, with my family or a friend, I would have assumed the entire world was empty today.



For starters, I texted SeanΒ when I woke up this morning, like I do every morning, and he didn’t text me back. Hasn’t texted me back all day. Hasn’t been online. It’s like he’s fallen off the planet. Once it got to be late tonight, I checked with his old roommate, JC, to make sure he was alive. (He took a bus back to his college from home today, and I was starting to think the bus had crashed or something). He is alive, he was in classes today.


So now I’m trying to figure out why he isn’t talking to me.



Then Travis worked like 3 hours late today. So for three hours I sat here wondering where HE was. But that wasn’t so bad, I figured the Navy probably made him do something dumb and time consuming. Bahaha.



And then Matthew. I saw Matthew on Friday (which was AWESOME because I missed that kid). But I’ve been texting him since Friday night, and he hasn’t answered me. He texted Maggiey earlier though. So I know he’s there. So why isn’t he texting me back?

UPDATE: Sean just got on skype. He left his phone at home. So no more worries there.

But anyway, yeah, it’s just been one of those days where it seems Β like everyone is gone. If Maggiey hadn’t of been with me today, I really would have suspected everyone to have just fallen off the planet.

Also. 3 more days.


Peace, Love & Peoples,



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