Friends (Why I Am Blessed)

I feel so blessed right now, despite how many things are falling apart in my life.

Last night I drove around with Maggiey and Adam. They let me rant about how much everything sucks, and Adam took us to his place of work so we could pet the HUGE horse and I made faces at the cute piggies. I love pigs. Then Maggiey came back to my house and we made cookies out of funfetti cake mix and watched Foamy the Squirrel episodes on youtube.

Before bed I talked to a very sleepy Travis on the phone, which wasn’t as wonderful as it could have been (sleepy Travis tends to be a little grumpy). HOWEVER this morning I was woken up by a phone call from that boy, hoping I had a better day, and telling me he loved me. It was the first time I really really smiled in days.

Additionally, my sdbf, Sean, has been texting me lots even though texting isn’t his favorite thing. We are also hoping to video chat soon. I miss that boy loads.

AND FINALLY Travis might come visit me in October or November. He’s supposed to be deployed in late November, I think, and it would be so wonderful to see him before he goes. It’s only been 5 and a half weeks since he was home, but it feels like it’s been longer. And deployment will be 6 months, I think. And I miss him.

Peace, Love, & Friends,


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