Priorities. For Serious This Time.

I am frustrated and angry and stressing and I hate it. I hate it so much that I don’t even want to be in my house sometimes. But I feel guilty if I leave for too long.

My dad missed dinner tonight.

He and my mother made a decision earlier this summer. He’d be done working at 6 and she’d have a day off every weekend, so we could have more family time, and they could have more together time.

Somewhere in there my dad quit being done working at 6. We quit having family dinners. We quit doing things on the weekend.

And I don’t blame my mom one bit for being upset about that. She completely reworked her schedule because he asked her to, but he didn’t commit to the change 100% like she did. I’d be upset too. Hell, I am upset.

I miss family dinners.

What am I doing right now? Putting away dinner, even though my dad hasn’t eaten yet.
Why? Because nobody knows when he’ll be home.

Peace, Love, & Togetherness,


P.S. My dad just got home – it’s about 6:45. He was meeting with a potential customer who wouldn’t stop talking. Apparently dad kept saying he had to go and the guy wouldn’t shut up.

I understand the concept of providing for your family…but when you reach the point when you’re providing for a family you don’t see enough of, I feel like it’s time to make some changes, y’know?



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