14 Days and *Brain Explodes*

It’s hard to explain all the things going on in my brain right now.

For starters, a few days ago my dad told me he and I don’t talk like we used to (which is fantastic timing, considering I leave for college in 14 days).

He’s right, of course. And I know that. But it’s just so hard to talk to him.
He’s always soΒ busy.
When he’s not away at work, he’s here in his office, working.
When he’s not working, he’s relaxing, watching tv.
If you talk during either of these times, odds are he’ll tell you to be quiet.

So, I don’t really know what to do there. I’d love to talk to him…I just don’t really know when…

On an entirely unrelated note,
I really really can’t stand couples that don’t let their partners fight their own battles.

I.E. This guy who used to be my really good friend has a girlfriend and I can’t say anything not-entirely-nice to her without him attacking me.

I kind of hope he reads this, I’ve been meaning to tell him so for a while now.

Every time his girlfriend does something I don’t agree with, and I try to tell her so, he jumps me. He gets snarky and nasty and, really, it’s none of his business. His girlfriend doesn’t ask him to do it. She and I are perfectly capable of having a conversation and working out our differences, and it probably would go a lot smoother if he’d just BACK OFF.

He hasn’t said anything to me since I told him to stop being snarky just because I disagree with his girlfriend.

If he says something else, I’d like to point out to him that she’s a big girl and fully capable of having a conversation without his help.


And on a slightly related note, I have planned an alternate swing dancing event for the next two Fridays, because he and his girlfriend cancelled the one I’ve been attending for two years.

I have two Fridays left in town, and I’m going to dance, dammit.

That’s all.

Here, have a picture of dancing, to go along with, well, everything:

Peace, love, & chill,



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