Carrot Cake and I Hate Being a Girl

So, originally I was going to do a series of posts, letters to other people, but that’s unimportant right now. Right now, I’m just chill, sitting on the couch, watching some tv, typing up this post.

Oh, and there’s a carrot cake in my oven. First ever carrot cake, it’s a pretty exciting time.

So, lately I have found boys thoughts on female anatomy rather amusing. I’m not sure why amusing, but amusing nonetheless. Last night I was video chatting with my friend, and had a terrible series of cramps. It was like someone started punching me in the stomach, and every now and then they’d put some extra force into it, and I’d make some sort of ouch noise (squeak, grunt, grumble, etc), make a face, and so on.

My friend then tells me that “girl problems” don’t bother him because he has learned to love what they mean (and he lives with a single mother). He referred to it as a sigh of relief. Which I thought was funny because my other friend, earlier that day, referred to it as a “silver lining.”

I just think it’s funny – it’s another one of those things girls and boys view differently. Girls generally dread their period. It’s not a happy time. Boys, on the other hand, consider it a relief. Thank God she’s not late. So on and so forth.

On an entirely unrelated note (yay, topic change!), I got my class schedule for college today! I’m SUPER excited! The book list looks pretty intense, but I love reading so it’s okay. Except for Great Expectations, I’m not too excited about reading that. =/

That’s all for now 🙂 I might do another post tonight, I’m feeling kind of bloggy right now.

Peace, Love, & Feminism (lollollol)



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