Jax’s Jewelry (Handmade!)

So, I decided just now that I really want to share one of my favorite hobbies with you, dear reader(s)!!

I make bracelets, and necklaces, and other fun things! I generally work with hemp and embroidery floss. The image above is a hemp peace bracelet, and an embroidery floss chevron bracelet. Chevron is my best pattern for bracelets, though I am working on learning more.

These are my most recent bracelets:

The top one was made out of the leftover thread from a bracelet I made my friend, the middle one is a 4 section braid, and the final one is just a 3 colored chevron.

I’ve taken to using variegated thread when I made them, because it’s fun to see how the bracelet changes as you go. This one for example,

started out red, gold, pink, cream, but now half of the gold strand matches the cream so the bright color alternates sides as I go. I think it looks really cool!

So yeah, those are my bracelets. I really enjoy making them ^.^

I’d love to start selling them and stuff, but haven’t figured out quite how to go about that yet. But they’re way more fun to make when I’m making them for other people instead of just ’cause I can.

Peace, Love & Hobbies,

Jax πŸ™‚


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