Politics, Politics (and a pikshur)

So, I’m trying to decide how I feel about Donald Trump as a potential presidential candidate.


I mean, on one hand, I’ve read a lot of interviews in which he sounds like an arrogant jerk. He cuts off the interviewer, avoids questions, and flaunts his money and business skills.


But, at the same time, he has a good plan.


And, at first I was bothered by this interview: msnbcΒ and how it seemed like he really didn’t know that much about the issue of abortion. But, then I decided that it didn’t matter. Why should the government even be associated with abortion? Abortion has nothing to do with the well being of America, with assuring we all have jobs and an education and a place to live and food to eat. THOSE are the things a wannabe future president should be acknowledging.


Anyway, that’s my two cents based on what I’ve read right now.


Here, have a comic:


But they are wishes...


I really enjoy pictures for sad children. I’m not sure why, I just find it very unique and touching at times. (If you’d like to read more, that photo is linked to the site.)


That’s all for tonight, gonna watch some anime with my best friend and catch some z’s.


Peace, Love, & Freedom,

Jax ❀


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