Reverse Discrimination And You


Today in my government class, we discussed discrimination. More particularly, the fact that women and minorities were discriminated against for so long, and now that we have affirmative action in place, it’s almost as if the discrimination has been reversed. Now, colleges and business have to meet a quota, they have to have a certain percentage of women and minority races, which puts white men at a disadvantage.

Personally, I don’t see where this is doing any good.

What we’re doing now isn’t any better, and it certainly isn’t the equal rights women and minorities have fought for. When we fought for equal rights back in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, we were fighting for the right to be included with men, to have all the options they have – not to be put before them.

I personally would really rather compete against someone based entirely on my abilities, not on my gender.


That’s what I’m thinking about right now.

Peace, love, & equality,

Jax ā¤

P.S. I’m currently reading the news, so there may be more coming šŸ™‚


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