Some pretty sketch news stories

The news tonight is fairly interesting.

Let’s start with LaShanda Armstrong, who drove her van, complete with 4 children, into a river in New York before realizing this might be a mistake. WHY?!
I mean, suicide is one thing. But bringing your loved ones into it? Killing them too? That’s not fair, or even really logical. Suicide is a selfish decision, and murder isn’t any better.
But what I haven’t entirely understood yet is why she didn’t try to escape when she realized it was a mistake. I mean, she reportedly told her 10-year-old son who escaped that she had made a mistake. If he could get out, what was stopping her from at least trying? Together, the two of them could have potentially saved the other 3 children.

And, moving on, Holly Bobo, 20, from somewhere in Tennessee, is missing.

Yes, that’s awful, but something about the story seems a little fishy. See, reportedly her brother saw her get kidnapped from the window of their house. She was dragged away from the carport which was visible from their house.

If I was a 25 year old, capable, man, and I saw my loved one getting dragged away, I would NOT sit there and call the police. I would run out of the house as fast as I could, while calling the police. I might not even talk to the police – just let them track my number while I beat the guy who is trying to kidnap my sister to a bloody pulp. I’m sure the noises would give them enough of an idea of what’s going on.

Even now, as the scrawny, useless, woman that I am, I’d still launch myself at the kidnapper and attempt to claw his eyes out.

So, why would the brother just sit there calmly? Unless he’s handicapped, but the article makes no mention of any physical disabilities.

What do you think?

AND, finally. Josten’s has sent me a notice that I owe them $0.01 for my graduation stuff….

….my mom paid with a credit card, they should have charged for whatever we owe right there like that…


Peace, love, & info,

Jax ❤

P.S. For some reason it’s not letting me link things right now. Both articles, in full, can be found on  

P.P.S. It also isn’t letting me space properly =/ sorry sorry! I promise I’ll come back and edit this as soon as things are working properly again. ❤


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