France Bans Islam Face Veils

“Arrests made as French face veil ban takes effect”

[ source: msnbc ]


According to nbc, and, France has decided to ban the veils that Islamic women wear. “President Nicolas Sarkozy’s government defended it as a rampart protecting France’s identity against inequality and extremism.” And Interior Minister Claude Gueant said it defends “two fundamental principles: the principle of secularism and the principle of equality between man and woman.”

Islamic Woman

I feel that the French government is jumping to conclusions, and probably doesn’t know the importance of the face veil to the Islamic people. The veil is a symbol of modesty – even in nonreligious settings, more clothing is used to show modesty, to show that a person doesn’t need to show off their body in order to be accepted. Islamic women where the face veil to say “you don’t need to see my face to know me.”

Pretty much, wearing the niqab (face veil) puts an importance on looking at what’s on the inside, not the outside.

While the niqab is not required among the Islam community, many women have a reason for wanting to wear it. There is nothing oppressive about the niqab, as it is their decision.

Pretty much, I strongly disagree with what the French government is doing – to me it seems like a very ignorant decision coming from a group of government officials.

Peace, love, & freedom,


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