Movie Review: Elizabethtown

elizabethtown cover

NOTE: This potentially contains spoilers. You’ve been warned. [Nothing too serious, I promise, just little stuff. I didn’t give away the ending or anything. But I’ve made the potential spoilers green, so you have the option to skip over them.]

I have wanted to see this movie since it came out in 2005. Therefore, I was beyond thrilled when I saw it on the “recently added” list on Netflix.

However, I was pretty disappointed in the movie as a whole. The storyline was intriguing, but the characters were, overall, lacking.

Drew Baylor’s only thought was suicide. His dad died and all he could think about was taking care of the funeral so he could get back to taking his own life. His mother and sister are DEPENDING on him, and all he can think about is an act that would amplify their grief.

[That, and is he serious? His choice of suicide = an exercise bike with a steak knife duct taped to it. Really? The duct tape didn’t even hold, man.]

Claire (I think that was her name, I’ve forgotten already) was quirky and kind of adorable, but sort of border-lined crazy. But, while border-lining crazy, I like what she did for Drew.

The movie moved fairly slowly, andΒ didn’t really pick up until the last 20 minutes, or so.

Drew and Claire
Drew and Claire


However, the changes that occurred in Drew in those last 20 minutes made the movie for me. I love seeing a rebirth, and I feel like that’s what those last 20 minutes were for him. He was coming to terms with things, and it was the first time Drew seemed entirely human, with emotions and everything.

Overall, I’d give this movie 3ish stars, out of 5. There were some funny bits, and some cute bits, and I liked the concept, but I feel like it could have been better executed, and I feel it lacked in character development.

And, even in the last 20 minutes, I had no problem pausing the movie for 15-20 minutes at a time. And I paused it for about 4 hours before those 20 minutes, so I could go to a school event.

Conclusion: Not compelling enough to actually sit through.

That is all πŸ™‚

Peace, Love, & Sunshine,

Jax ❀

P.S. Hearing Orlando Bloom speak without an English accent is one of the weirdest things. xD