Imagine This:

You cannot move your body and you see all this shit happening and dammit you want to get up but your body is so heavy and maybe you’ll just close your eyes for a minute and whenever you open them you see the same bright light and when you finally manage to get up, to drag yourself across the room, the view doesn’t change and you’re scared and you scream and nobody hears you and suddenly you’re heavy again, you can’t move again, so you let your eyes slide shut, exhausted from the effort of crawling across a floor you can’t see, and when you open them again, you’re back where you started.

Add some voices to that, talking about the things they might do to you, the ways they might dispose of you, and that was my dream. Disorienting and utterly terrifying, believable to the point that I didn’t want to go back to sleep, that was my dream.

And, honest to god, what felt like days in my dream was merely the seconds it took for my mom to let the dog out in real life.

Peace, love, & happy dreaming,



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