Jaxibella’s Spring Break Adventure!!


1. Threw stuff in my van.
2. Left for Alma College.
3. Got lost.
4. Arrived at Alma before my friends got back from their trip to the park.

For my first 30 minutes at Alma, I felt like a small child being passed around. My friend Hannah had band practice, and (realizing he would be spending the rest of the day with me) Luke was off showering.

I walked Hannah to band, where we ran into Jordan, who walked me to Luke’s dorm, exclaiming he had a package (me) for Luke and then leaving.

I also received 2.5 tours of campus in those 30 minutes.

Lots of general chilling then occured, followed by dinner and impromptu Disney song singing, and thennnn…



It was epic.

Here, I shall share the epic:

Neon Trees Official Site

Animal (One of their more well known songs)

Calling My Name (One of my favorites)


After a good hour of rocking and sweating and generally feeling awesome (seriously, I was so close to the speaker that I could feel the music in my lungs. My rib cage was constantly vibrating) [Oh, and I got yelled at by a security guard for climbing up and sitting on Luke’s shoulders. But it was totally worth it – the view from up there was AMAZING.]

Anyway, after a good hour of that, Luke and I walked over to…another building, where Hannah was hosting the regular swing club.

Hannah Dipping Me
Hannah dipping me xD

(Swing dancing is really fun – people see it as old and uncool, but it’s actually such a fun, stylish way to dance. And it causes way more excitement in a crowd than bumping and grinding xD)

(I’ll post some more legit pictures some other time, so you can see how cool it really looks! )

Additionally, today Ship 02, Div 921 graduated from Great Lakes Naval Base, and my boy was most definitely in it 🙂 I am eagerly awaiting a fone call. [UPDATE: Which I got around 8 this evening ^.^ yayayayay]


Peace, love, and purple,

Jax ❤


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