A Blog Of Journeys

Generally, I would use this first post to introduce myself in some crazy, random, potentially confusing way. However, I’m feeling a little more serious about this blog than I have about past blogs. That’s not to say it won’t be humorous and silly, but it has a more serious side as well. I’d like to start by introducing what this blog is about.

This is a blog of journeys.

Journey #1: A Journey for Knowledge

You, dear reader, are following me on my journey through the last quarter of my senior year, and on to college. This is an exciting journey, for many reasons. It is also somewhat unexpected. I shall explain this in a later post.

Journey #2: A Journey for Accomplishment

Two years ago I participated in NaNoWriMo and wrote one of my favorite pieces. However, after months of editing, and my first quarter of AP English, I set it in a box and set the box on a shelf out of my sight.

A few days/weeks ago, I pulled this box back out. I decided I needed to write, and I decided I needed to write this piece.
The final goal, of course, is completion and publication

Journey #3: A Journey for Love

Sounds cliché and corny, right?

The boy I love, my boyfriend of somewhere between 8 and 10 months (we have a very hazy anniversary, lol) is in the Navy. He is miles and hours and states away and I miss him terribly. He’s sure to come up in here somewhere, and by the end of this blog, hopefully he will be much much closer to me – maybe even reading over my shoulder while I type.

I’m feeling very confident about this blog.
It has a purpose, and a reason for being. This is a good thing.

As for me – I’m Jacquelynn.
I have a lot of nicknames – Jackie, Jack, Jax, Jaxibella, AppleJax, so on.
I’ll reply to almost anything ^.~


I’m 18, I’m in the final quarter of my senior year (IT’S ALMOST OVER!!) and next year I will be attending Carthage College.


I am excited to share my journeys with you.
And I would love for you to share your journeys with me as well 🙂


I know I’m not the only one to move 5 hours away from home, away from everyone I know, for whatever given purpose – education, employment, whathaveyou.
I’m not the only one to strive for something, to pour their heart and soul into something they want more than anything.

And I’m not the only one with a loved one in the service.


That being said, I encourage you to leave comments throughout the course of this blog. Say hi, ask questions, agree, disagree, share your own stories and thoughts, whatever floats your floatable object (or am I the only one without a boat? ^.~)

Peace, love, & owls,


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